Storm King's Thunder

Journal of Ceilid Thornhill, 9 Kythorn 1312 DR

[In translation from her cypher]

Traveled 40 km from Waterdeep to Nightstone via High Road.

Nightstone [town] damaged—potential siege weaponry involved. Boulders in the streets. Nightstone [artifact] missing from its plinth, no sign of damage to the artifact. See 13 Hammer 1311 DR for observations and previous attempts to shift artifact. 

No human residents found, evidence of evacuation on the road. Arrived with Torgal Wynn [not to be touched], Dor'Kath [Chauntea devotee], Althea [cleric—deity?]. All aware of OO gifts. 

Skirmish &etc with goblins and wargs. Wounded but functional. Goblins at least may have arrived after the town's fall. Subject in custody [goblin, chicken-killer, loves his cave] claims to be with another g. that speaks to men, orcs, elves. Unprecedented to my knowledge, but goblin society and interspecies relations understudied. Of potential interest to S.V.L.

OO TC functional without common language—impressions, images transfer clearly.

10 days of rations remaining.



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