Storm King's Thunder

Journal of Dor'Kath Day 1

Today I meet new people

Dear journal,

Today has been quite good day. I see help needed for town called Nightstone and get on cart to go there. I meet three others two of which are people. The third one, not sure. First I thought it a puppy but it stabbed me so I reconsidered. Now I think it a very smart gerbil, they can always hide things in their mouths and maybe that is where it keeps battle axes.

Never mind that, we go in town and everything is bad. Boulders everywhere and no towns people at all. I would say it quiet but church bell ringing, we heard it as we came in town and me and Althaea, she is elf priest, go to help people in church. I think at the time the other two were behind me, but then I hear voice in head and look up to see our gerbil bleeding everywhere with bad puppies over it.

Journal, battle was fierce and full of many miracles. For instance gerbil gets up and makes sound that I never hear gerbils make before pulling axe out of mouth me think. I never see more than eyes in fur so I not certain. I did my part to keep bad monsters down and protect these new friends. 

When all was done we kill some, and some goblins run away. Yes Journal, there were goblins, but they small things that gerbil could kill so it not worth worrying. So we go in to church, bell still ringing and we decide to help people. We got in side and I think, I let people know we are hear to help. This would be good thing because it church, but goblins came down instead of people. There was more fighting and we were tired when all done. 

There is much more to tell Journal, but after fight gerbil helped capture goblins and Ceilid played picture game, but without chalk and in minds. I never thought goblins had much in way of minds. Ceilid used this and now we are off to investigate more. Promise to write you once we rest for night.



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