Torgal Wynn

He was, in fact, raised by wolves


Small, as all halflings are, Torgal’s weathered brown skin shows the results of the extreme lifestyle he has embraced. His musculature is definitely far more developed than the average halfling’s though, and he carries his weapons with a confidence borne from extensive use. Rough leather trousers, stained in overlapping patterns that hint at both water and blood, are complimented with a cloak of a currently unidentified fur. A small, utilitarian pack is slung over one shoulder, across four javelins strapped to his back. A fierce battleaxe, something that clearly has been cared for far more than any other of Torgal’s possessions, shines in the light, reflecting its keen edge.


Torgal Wynn is an unusual halfling, to say the least. Orphaned as a small child when the caravan his family was taking to Waterdeep was attacked by marauders, Torgal was, in fact, raised by wolves.

His pack was killed by adventurers, who had trekked deep into unknown territory in search of a lost city. While they spared Torgal, recognizing him as a sentient being, they did little more than cart him back to Waterdeep, against his will, and drop him off at the nearest halfling neighborhood.

The halfling population of the City of Splendors took Torgal in, taught him the rules and manners of civilization, and tried to find him a place in their society. But Torgal’s time in the wild had made him too different from traditional halflings. After a short attempt at joining the city militia, Torgal left Waterdeep and headed back out into the Savage Frontier, adopting the lifestyle of a barbarian. He spent the next several decades on the edge of the borders between the civilized populations of the north and the unsettled lands.

Rumors of unrest among the giants sent Torgal back to Waterdeep, attempting to find someone to warn. His protestations fell on deaf ears and he has found himself relegated to taking on adventurer work to try and raise his profile in order to have his warnings heeded.

Torgal Wynn

Storm King's Thunder Adjudicator